Animal Management Centre


Animal Management Centre

Our Animal Management Centre is the hub of all our Animal Encounter Activities and also includes teaching and training rooms that can be hired out for management training days, dog training events, wellbeing training courses and more.


State of the art facilities

The Animal Management Centre has been designed to provide a state-of-the-art building for students studying Animal Management and Animal Behaviour and Welfare. The centre includes a desert room, a tropical room and a nocturnal room.

The Centre enables the College to deliver a broader, more exciting curriculum for learners. Consequently, they are able to care for a much wider variety of species in a natural environment.

Amazing range of animals including exotic species, birds, domestic and farm animals

The Husbandry Room

Housing a wide selection of birds and reptiles including corn snakes, royal pythons, forest dragons, tree frogs, tortoises and fish…

The Arid Biome

Housing species such as tortoises, red bearded dragons, and Von der Decken’s hornbills…

The Tropical Biome

Housing species such as black-throated monitor lizard, Fly river turtle, Java sparrows, Luzon bleeding heart doves and parrots…

The Nocturnal Room

Housing species such as; hedgehog and sugar gliders,

Our Facilities


Classrooms – capacity up to 30 people, £27 per hour

Lecture Theatre – capacity up to 60 people, £42 per hour

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