Dog Day Care in Guildford

Dog Day Care in Guildford

Welcome to our 5 Star Dog Day Care Centre

Merrist Wood’s Dog Day Care Centre, in Guildford, is a secure area with double entry and buzzer gate system for additional security and heated indoor cabin. Situated on our 400-acre estate, nestled amongst woodland and just three miles from Guildford. After a recent inspection the Centre has been awarded 5 stars which means that the criteria for the higher standards have been met. All new dogs will need to have a trial session before being accepted to the day care centre.


Your dog will spend their days socialising with friends, sniffing specifically designed areas, running around our field and enjoying fun activities that involve use of various equipment and toys. For some well-earned rest and relaxation, the dogs can lounge on the comfortable sofas and beds in our heated cabins. Our staff are fully qualified and hold Pet First Aid certificates as well as being DBS checked.


Our Dog Day Care Centre can also be privately hired at weekends and evenings for private training purposes and off-leash exercise. Adjacent to the Dog Day Care Centre, we also have a secure fenced field ideal for dog training and other activities, which can also be privately hired. There are car park areas close to both locations with easy access.


If you wish to make an enquiry into the Dog Day Care Centre or hiring out these areas, please complete the enquiry form below.


Contact Details:

Email: [email protected]

Phone: 07976 681608, 07854 274 866 / 07867 142 788 (Monday to Friday 8am – 6pm only)


Licence Information
Licence Number: AWRL02
Licensed by Guildford Borough Council

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Dog Day Care in Guildford | Prices

One Dog
Full Day
08:30 - 17:30
Two Dogs
Full Day
08:30 - 17:30



Half day morning sessions and early morning drop offs may be available if pre-arranged with the Dog Day Care Supervisor
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Merrist Wood

Field and Dog Day Care Area Hire

The Dog Day Care Centre has a secure fenced field which can be privately hired at weekends and evenings for training purposes and off-lead exercises.


Costs are:

  • £10 per hour for individual off-lead exercise
  • £25 per hour for trainers/professional dog walkers (discounts may be given for block bookings)


The size of the field is approximately 100m x 60m

Use MUST be pre-booked (minimum of 48 hours notice please) by contacting [email protected]


Click here for further information or please complete the enquiry form below if you require further information.

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Terms and Conditions

  • All dogs MUST have a trial session before attending the Day Care Centre. These sessions are to be pre-booked, last 2 hours and cost £12 (non-refundable regardless of whether you use the Centre after or not). This fee covers the administration and staffing cost.
  • Please feed you dogs prior to arriving at Day Care – we don’t feed dogs as a standard rule. If your dog/s need to be fed during their time at Day Care, due to age or medication, then please let us know. You would then need to bring their own food and any medication along with you on the day of arrival.
  • Your dog must be up to date with vaccinations, flea, tick and worming treatments.
  • To retain your space for your dog at Dog Day Care, you will be allowed up to 3 weeks per year of holiday/sick time where you can take your dog out and still have your space reserved (providing we have at least 48 hours notice). Any additional absence and you will be charged for the non-attendance of sessions. 
  • A minimum of 48 hours’ notice MUST be given for any cancellations of booked sessions or you may be charged the full amount.
  • Although not necessary, we highly recommend a quick release clip style collar; to ensure ultimate safety whilst playing with others at Dog Day Care. Please ask for advice if you are unsure.
  • Your dogs will have a great time enjoying our centre and so may on occasion come home wet, sandy, muddy or dirty depending on the great British weather, and what toys we have brought out to play; however we will try our best to keep them as clean as possible.
  • If your dog does have a coat or jacket for colder or wet days, then please do bring this with them; however we cannot be held liable if damage is caused to the item while your dog is enjoying playtime.
  • No dogs will be able to spend any time on the Day Care premises overnight. Drop off and collection times must be adhered to (Monday to Friday 8.30am-5.30pm), unless under exceptional circumstances and with prior agreement from the DDC Supervisor. Any late pick ups (after 5.30pm) will be charged at a rate of £15 for up to 30 mins.
  • You will be invoiced monthly (invoices will come from Activate Learning) and we would ask that you make payment within 5 days of receiving your invoice, payments should be made via BACS, or by card over the phone – payment details are specified on the invoice.
  • As far as practically possible Merrist Wood Dog Day Care will make every possible effort to ensure that all dogs in our care are happy and supervised at all times whilst exercising and socialising, however, by allowing your dog to be cared for by us you accept ultimate responsibility and liability for any loss, accident, injury or death to your dog or to another dog as a result of your dog’s behaviour.
  • Failure to provide us with any information regarding your dog’s health concerns and history, behavioural, social and antisocial tendencies and habits which may affect the way we care for your pet and the way we integrate them with other animals or effect or disrupt any other animal in our care or person may result in a breach of contract and services may be ceased.
  • We are unable to accept dogs that have anti-social behavioural tendencies or aggressive behaviour. Should the clients dog demonstrate any aggressive or anti-social behaviour towards any other animals or persons on site, Merrist Wood Dog Day Care reserves the right to cancel any bookings with immediate effect.
  • We don’t accept entire male dogs over the age of 12 months. Female dogs in season will not be allowed to attend day care until their season has finished.
  • The discounted rate for 2 dogs is only for dogs living in the same household.
  • We reserve the right to change services and rates at any time but will give as much notice in advance as possible.
  • The morning session time is strictly 8.30am – 12.30pm (if your dog isn’t picked up until after 12.30pm you will be charged for the full day)
  • If you intend to withdraw your dog from Dog Day Care, then we will need 4 week’s written notice. You will be charged for your dog’s space during this notice period, whether you bring your dog or not. This is to ensure we have sufficient time to fill the space.
  • All dogs will be expected to come to Dog Day Care all year round (other than when we are closed at Christmas), not just during term time. If you don’t book your dog in during holiday time when we are open then you risk losing your space. This applies to all customers including students and staff members of the college. 

Questions and Answers

Can my puppy attend dog day care?

Yes, puppies can attend Dog Day Care, however it will depend on how many puppies are already attending Dog Day Care at the time. We have a daily limit for puppies under 9 months old and if there is not space at the time, we will add you to our puppy waiting list. We then contact customers on the waiting list when a space becomes available and invite them to a trial session.


Do dogs need to be neutered to attend?

Males over the age of one years old must be castrated and females in season will not be able to attend day care for the duration of their season.


Do dogs need to be vaccinated?

All dogs must be fully vaccinated and up to date with annual boosters. You will be required to bring your dog’s vaccination card to the trial session.


Can my dog attend half a day rather than a full day?

We offer half-day sessions in the mornings which run from 8:30am-12:30pm. We do not offer half-day afternoon sessions.


How many dogs are there per session?

The number of dogs attending the centre each day can vary but we will only take a maximum of 20 dogs a day.


Will my dog have to attend a trial, or can I just turn up?

All dogs need to book in for a trial session before being accepted to our Dog Day Care. The session runs from 9:30am–11:30am and the cost is £12 per dog. Once a session has been arranged, we will send you a registration form to complete. The completed form and your dog’s vaccination card will need to be brought to the trial session. This session is non-refundable regardless of whether you use the centre after or not.


What will my dog be doing during a typical dog day care session?

During the day your dog will spend their time socialising with other dogs, sniffing specifically designed areas, running around in our field and enjoying fun activities, involving toys and equipment. The centre has heated cabins that contain comfortable sofas and beds, in case your dog needs a well-earned rest.


How many staff work in the day care centre?

There is one staff member for every 10 dogs that attend Dog Day Care, however, often there is one staff member for every 8 dogs. A Supervisor will always be present on site and there will also be extra Assistants most days. All staff are fully qualified up to Degree level in Animal Management and hold Pet First Aid certificates as well as being DBS checked.


Are you licensed?

Dog Day Care is licensed by Guildford Borough Council and the licence number is also displayed on our website. Additionally, the centre has been awarded 5 stars after a recent inspection.


Do you offer a pick-up and drop off service?

No, we don’t offer a pick-up and drop off service. The very earliest you can drop your dog off for either session is 8:30am and the latest pick up time is 5:30pm (Monday-Fridays). Repeated early or late drop offs will incur an additional charge.

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