Meet the Meerkats Experience

Meet the Meerkats Experience

If you love meerkats then what better experience than to get up close and personal to our Merrist Wood meerkat family. Our meet the meerkat experiences are available to anyone aged eight-years-old plus.


During the experience you will control feed the meerkats and learn all about them from one of our Animal Keepers. Our meerkats are very friendly and will happily play near you during the experience.


The experience takes place inside the meerkat enclosure within the walled garden. The ground is a sand-based substrate and is therefore not suitable for wheelchair users.


Meet the Meerkats is £30 per person for a 15 minute encounter, and is available at weekends and during school holidays.  Those participating in Meet the Meerkats must be aged 8+ and wear closed-toe shoes and long trousers or they will be unable to take part. All participants need to be from the same family due to social distancing guidelines and face coverings MUST be worn.


To book a Meet the Meerkats experience please contact us on 07854 274866 or email [email protected]. Gift vouchers are available.


Please read our terms and conditions below before booking.


Terms and Conditions

  • Participants must be at least 8 years old
  • This experience can be booked for up to 4 people (have to be from the same family or social bubble)
  • A parent or guardian must accompany a child under 16 years old
  • If appropriate, a parent or guardian must accompany an individual with special needs
  • Additional family members, guardians or friends are not allowed behind the scenes but are welcome to stand outside the enclosure to watch
  • Eating, drinking or smoking during the encounter is not permitted
  • Appropriate clothing and footwear (closed toes) must be worn e.g. jeans and trainers
  • Face coverings MUST be worn

Health and Safety Advice

  • Details of known allergies, special needs or medical conditions should be disclosed
  • Participants should have an up to date tetanus vaccination
  • Existing cuts and abrasions should be covered with waterproof dressings
  • Do not enter any enclosures unless instructed to do so by the keeper
  • Do not touch any of the animals
  • Do not eat food intended for the animals
  • Do not place your fingers or hands in your mouth during the experience
  • Hands should be washed after the experience
  • Hands should be washed thoroughly before eating, drinking or smoking
  • In the event of an emergency, follow the instructions given by the animal keeper

Cancellation Policy

  • No refund will be issued regardless of notice given
  • To rearrange the date of an encounter, we require a minimum of 48 hours notice

Interested? Call 07854 274866 or email: [email protected]