Merrist Wood Farm


Merrist Wood Farm

Our farm is situated on our 400-acre estate and is used primarily as a student resource for Animal Management programmes. However, there are opportunities to visit our farm and enjoy the farm animals we look after, such as special events hosted throughout the year,  including our Lambing Weekend and the Festive Animal Fun Day. Or you could book a Merrist Wood Farm Birthday party, or an Education Tour for your school, youth group or Brownies, Cubs etc.

brown pig in muddy puddle

Merrist Wood Farm

Our Animals

Goats: Pygmy, Golden Guernsey, Anglo Nubian

Sheep: Welsh badger face, Speckled face Beulah, Portlands, Wensleydales, Polled Dorset, Lleyn, Manx Loaghtan

Cattle: Irish Moiled, Sussex Crossbred

Poultry: Magpie duck, Muscovy ducks, various chicken breeds

Pigs: Large black, Oxford Sandy and Black

Donkeys: Miniature Mediterranean Donkey

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